how to design bathroom


Most guests who will come into your comfort room probably will not use the shower to take a bath or the bath tub to relax, hence the reason you need to how to design bathroom. Mostly, these people will just use your lavatory to take a leak, to freshen up, or to retouch. This is the reason why you have to be careful in designing your bathroom. Layout the room in such a way that it will be able to catch the attention of the user even though they will only spend a short amount inside it. If you want ideas to make your lavatory look interesting, here are a few tips you can apply.

First thing you need is to determine a theme for your room. If you like to make it look like a spa salon, you can do so given that you know what a basic spa looks like. For larger rooms, it is advisable that you play with different ideas that still collaborate with each other to make it look more appealing.
Changing some of your old fixtures can be a good way to add style to your drab comfort room. If you have a normal style bathtub with shower, you can opt to purchase a different style of bathtub. It doesn’t need to have a Jacuzzi in it, but having one will surely be a plus though. You can also change your shower curtains to shower glass for an elegant feel.